Saturday, August 16, 2008

I have no idea what happened

So here's an update on my gardening skills. It started off looking like this:

Which grew into this:

Which turned into this while I was in DC:

All I can say is that it's a good thing that I am not responsible for growing food for us to eat. Because I am pretty sure we would starve. I really don't know what happened. The plants just started dying. There had been an oil spill near the steps some years ago... but grass seems to grow just fine there, so I have no clue.

Our trip to DC was awesome. I passed the training that I was out there for and we crammed in tons of sightseeing. I also learned that while Continental Airlines are helpful and friendly, they cannot be trusted. They will tell you that you are on one flight when, whoops, look, you're on a different flight flying to a completely different city! They like to keep you on your toes. It still puzzles me that we paid $250 for Ben's ticket and they always rebooked him on the better flights. My company paid $1250 for my ticket and I got rebooked on the worst flights. But we ended up flying together and surprisingly all of the flight changes worked out in Ben and I's favor. More to come on that trip!

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

God is Good

This week Ben and I have received two great blessings from God:

1. Ben's school gave him a scholarship that makes next years financial situation a whole lot easier.

2. An unexpected gift of being able to go out to eat after a long, hard day.

Right now it feels like God is saying, "I know", which is humbling in deed. Who am I that God is mindful of me? We serve a good and loving God.