Monday, January 29, 2007

A time long gone

A time when a trip to the post office must have been just a little more interesting.

Why don't we have news stories like this now?

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wedding Plans

They say that you should book your church and reception hall first when you are planning a wedding. I disagree. Book the photographer. Especially if you have a budget and can't afford thousands of dollars for pictures. The good, cheap photographers book up really fast and 4 months before your wedding, you won't be able to find one and you'll be left with the bad, cheap photographers. Which if I am going to get bad wedding pictures, I'd rather have a friend take them for free.

So if any of you know of any good photographers in the area that are reasonably priced and available May 26th - please let me know!

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

On a scale of 1 to 10, he's awesome!

"How much do you think this weighs?"

"2 lbs."

"Nope. 2.5 lbs. I win!"

"How about this? How much does this weigh?"

"3 lbs?"

This conversation took place in the produce section next to the scale as Ben and I guessed how much everything in our cart weighed.

And that is reason number 758 why I am marrying this man. Even grocery shopping is fun with him.

Only 130 days left...

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

New Year's Eve

2007 brought in probably the most interesting New Years Eve I’ve ever had. Most December 31st normally involve me hanging out with old friends watching the ball drop and playing board games. Definitely fun times, but it was nice to do something new this year.

For this year’s party we went down to Kentucky to hang out with some of Ben’s college friends and I didn’t know anyone except Ben. And he only knew the host and hostess. So we met lots of new people. Our extroverted selves got some much needed people exercise and talked to some very interesting people. Here’s a couple of them:

1. Hillary. She has lived in many states, but never actually in the same state as her FiancĂ© who is currently working in the United Arab Emirates. She loves to travel and we talked for a long time about places we’ve been to, heard about or wanted to visit. If we lived near each other I think we would be friends.

2. Jamie Barnes and his funny wife, Kelsey. I didn’t talk to them much, but Ben and I did look up his music and I like it. I would suggest you go check it out and buy his stuff. Apparently MySpace is really helping him promote his music and he’s really big in Alaska because of it. I don’t think he’s actually been to Alaska, but the people there love his music.

3. ThatGuy. Ben and I got cornered by ThatGuy at the party. He spent a lot of the time talking to me about some really personal feelings and hurts. It was good and awkward. I eventually ate everything on my plate and had to leave to throw it away.

4. A couple who is living on the West side of the City doing inner city ministry. He’s one of the pastors there. It was neat to talk to them about their heart for the city and the people there. I love talking to people about inner city ministry.

5. A couple Emo-guys wearing women’s pants.

This party was especially interesting because it was held at this plantation house:

that has a staircase like this:

I think the house was built around 1823ish. It was neat, but also kind of creepy because half of it was empty. I mean, it would take a LOT of furniture to fill it and the young couple living there had a normal amount of furniture, not A LOT.

I had a lot of fun.

Maybe moving to Kentucky and meeting lots of new people won’t be so bad after all……

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

A Rodent Post

I saw this bummer sticker at a gas station and it made me laugh so hard that I had to take a picture of it.