Monday, July 28, 2008

Here's where I bow out gracefully

Things have been pretty crazy around here lately. Staying busy, lots of changes (no I am not pregnant!) and a lot of travel coming up. Which means that posting will be light. Hopefully I'll have some funny stories from our trip to DC and our road-trip vacation next month. In the mean time enjoy some reading at these sites:

The Simple Family. A blog focused on living a simpler life with less stuff.

All or Nothing. Humorous by a small boutique owner.

Nothing But Bonfires. A lighthearted blog that always makes me laugh.

Catch you at the end of summer...

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

It was one of those days...

Today I was walking into work and a bird pooped on me. Right on my skirt. And I touched it with my hands trying to figure out what it was.

Feel free to laugh. I did.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Random things I have seen go past my kitchen window

Or why this town is so awesome....
  • A man riding bareback on a horse
  • A golf cart
  • A backhoe shoveling snow
  • A tricycle/rickshaw made out of the back of an old VW beetle and half a motorcycle
  • A 3 year old running through the street by herself
  • The neighbors dog run over to poop in our yard
  • A man on a riding lawnmower....that he had driven across town
  • An ice cream truck that played no music... instead the driver pulled a string inside that rang a bell on the outside.
I'd like to point out that I don't live on a busy street. And we've only lived here for 6 months. This town is so weird it's awesome.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

A random fact about me

I have to wear socks to bed no matter how warm it is. Without the socks it feels like my toes are wild and unrestrained, they might just run off in the middle of the night. The socks keep them where they belong.

In the same way I can't stand for Ben's toes to touch me. It doesn't matter if they are in a sock or not - there is something weird about the feeling of toes touching me.

What is a random fact about you?

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Climbing that ladder

At work we were discussing an upcoming visit from corporate and how they would probably stop by the building where we work. I commented that that would be a good day to wear my "I am management material" hat in to work. Another co-worker suggested that a t-shirt that read "willing to relocate" might be helpful. Because nothing impresses like a t-shirt. Possibly pants with "promotable" written across the butt would work as well. I've got some time, so with a little more brainstorming I might just be announcing my promotion on here....