Thursday, July 27, 2006

Look Mom! I ate something new!

Tonight I was driving home and I realized that I NEEDED sushi. NOW. So I went and got some from a market that is supposed to have really good sushi. Sushi is a pretty strange craving for me considering I have only ever eaten it twice before. Once my friend from Thailand forced me to eat some and the second time a co-worker forced me to try some of her's.

But tonight.... tonight I went and bought sushi all on my own. And ate it. With chop sticks. Here is a picture of the pretty little sushi rolls:

And it was good. I ate three whole rolls before I got grossed out by the thought of eating eel. I tried really hard not to think about it. But the harder I tried the more I thought about it and no matter how good my tongue was telling me the sushi was, my brain was yelling at me that it was gross and SPIT IT OUT. Oh well. Three rolls is two more at one time than I have ever eaten.

Tomorrow I will try and eat the rest.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Is That a Cow?

My favorite pictures from the Slip-n-Slide costume contest:

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I got pictures!!!

First we did this:

And then we did this:

And then we looked like this:

Monday, July 24, 2006

Fun and the Sun

Friday Ben and I took a day off of work and spent the day at the waterpark. I know. Slackers. That's what you are thinking. Or maybe you are thinking you should do that. I agree. You should. It's a lot of fun.

The best part was when Ben grabbed my leg just as I slide down the last hill and it pulled him off of his inner tube. I almost fell off of my tube just watching Ben slide down on his back. Like a fish.

It was a good day and Saturday was my company picnic and the giant slip-n-slide. If I get pictures, I'll post them! What a fun weekend.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mr. Fix-it

Conversations or quotes from our maintenance man:

Returning my call to the emergency pager:

Maintenance man: "So what's the problem?"

Andi: "My roof is leaking in my storage room."

MM: "In your apartment?"

A: "Not really. In the storage room off my balcony."

MM: "Is it leaking now?"

A: "No."

MM: "So there isn't water currently leaking into your apartment?"

A: "Right"

MM: "So would you classify this as an emergency?"

A: "No. Not really."

MM: "The girl at the office told me you had water pouring into your apartment."

Same conversation:

MM: "The leak is probably from the people above you. They have dogs."

While that's gross, it's also impossible since I live on the top floor.


MM while replacing my faucet: "Man! I think I got my head lodged between the disposal and the sink!"


MM: "Your window won't shut? I'll just give it a little heave ho."

Loud crunching sounds from the window

Amberly: "Can we open it now?"

MM: "Ummm....I'll be back with my tools."


"It's ok. It's not supposed to rain anytime soon." MM referring to the leak in my roof and subsequent hole in my ceiling and why we shouldn't worry about it. As it is pouring rain outside.

Amberly: "So what happens if it does rain and leaks again?"

MM: "I would move that nice picture hanging there."

MM: "What are you doing at tonight? I get off at 5."

Amberly: " I go to work at 5. Ironic huh?"

Saturday, July 15, 2006

How I almost blew myself up

Yesterday, Amberly and I decided to grill out. Because you see, it was hot and humid outside and that's what we do in Ohio when it gets hot and humid - we light things on fire and stand over them. Because we are tough like that. We also eat puppies. And we never cry.

My parents had given me a small propane grill for my birthday. I had never really used a propane grill before, but really, how hard could it be? You just hook the propane tank up, turn it on and light it on fire. So I did all these things. And it was working beautifully. The little blue flame was going, the lava rocks were getting hot, and I was sweating more. And then I brought the chicken out.

Apparently my new, clean, shiny grill did not want that greasy chicken on it. Oh no it did not. And it let me know it by bursting into flames. Yes. Bursting into flames. It was a full-fledge fire temper tantrum. Complete with banging fists on the floor. Actually, I guess it wasn't the whole grill that burst into flames. Just the line that ran from the propane take to the grill. That burst into flames.

I responded to the flames by screaming, throwing the chicken down (which landed right side up in their container), and running inside and shutting the door. I began screaming at Amberly, "It's on fire! It's on fire!"

At this point I realize that the tank looked like it was on fire and I changed my screaming to "The tank is going to blow up! It's GOING TO BLOW UP!" To accompany my screaming I started to run around my apartment. Because I am tough like that.

Amberly responded to my screams with "Water! We need the water!"

"Will that work?" I screamed back as I ran to the front door to grab the fire extinguisher. I soon realized I couldn't remember how to work the fire extinguisher and ran back to the balcony door. At this point the flames have gotten bigger and I couldn't figure out what to do. That's how calm I was. And I was shaking. All I could think was "If I just let it blow up, it shouldn't be too bad. It won't blow out the window will it? I wish my Dad was here."

Amberly moved forward with her water plan and shoved a glass of water in my hand and yelled "Throw this on it!" I did. And it started to work. So Amberly started to fill up a pot and I stood out on the balcony and sprayed the flames with a squirt bottle. The whole time picturing the tank blowing up taking my hand and face with it. The pan of water put out the flames and I was able to turn the gas off.

And that's how I single handedly saved the apartment from a fire. Because I am tough and don't ever panic when propane tanks catch on fire.

Amberly then cooked our water-soaked chicken on the Foreman grill. And it was tasty and safe.

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Takin' Candy from a Baby

Friday night Ben and I went downtown and Ben almost got robbed.

By a two year old.

We went downtown for a baseball game and I brought a box of Sprees. It was when I took the box out of my purse that the trouble started. As soon as I opened the box, a little girl came running down the hill and started to climb over our legs. I wasn't sure what she was doing so I put the candy back in my purse and started to pick her up.

"You made a friend," Ben commented.

At that moment the sneaky, cute little girl reached her hand into my purse and grabbed my candy! WHAT IN THE WORLD! I took the candy from her and closed my purse back up. The little girl's mom yelled at her to come back and she eventually left us alone.

A couple minutes later Ben got some candy for himself and the girl came running back down to us, climbed right in Ben's lap and reached for the candy. Not one to be out done by a two year old, Ben closed his fist. This angered the little candy hunting demon child and she tried to pry it out of his hand. Finally Ben put the candy in his pocket and held up his empty hand and said "There's no more!"

With a scowl on her face the little girl stared at Ben and emphatically said, "BUT I WANTED THAT!".

With relief the mom came to get her little sugar tooth before she could pull a switchblade on us!

You never can be too sure of the people downtown.

Sunday, July 02, 2006

And then a giraffe ran over me

Last week I went shopping and oh the deals and not-really-a-deal-but-cute-things I found! I hadn't been shopping in such a long time. I finally have summer clothes that I didn't wear in high school! It's fabulous!

Anyway, my clothes are not the point of this blog. The conversation I overhead with a Mom and her 4 year old daughter in one of the stores is the point. The little girl was pretty bored and begging to go home. The mom promised that she needed to wait just a little more and then they would go. The little girl found a mirror and began to amuse herself.

She twirled in her pink tutu and began to ask her mom questions as her mom looked through the racks and distractedly answered.

"Mommy. Do you like my shoes?"

"They are very pretty dear."

"Mommy. Do you like my hair?"

"Uh huh."

"Mommy, do you like my skirt?"

" yes.... it's pretty." The mom answered as she held up a blouse.

"Mommy. Do you like my mustache?"

"uh. Yes. It's very nice."

At this answer the little girl looked at her mom and stopped asking questions.

I laughed to myself and gave the girl 10 points for her wit.