Monday, March 16, 2009

Questions my blog might ask me if it became self-aware

Hey there! Where have you been? Haven't been posting much....

Well I've been busy. You know how those things go.

Actually I don't. I've been bored. What have you been doing?

I told you were were selling our car. That's been taking some time. And Ben's getting ready to graduate which means we may get to move into a house with more than half a closet and things are kind of crazy at my work. So you know. I've just been busy.

Uh... Huh..... You know your other blog is also feeling neglected.

I know, I know. I haven't had much energy to spend time researching things like slavery. When we move into a place with some storage space I'd also like it to be closer than an hour from my work. That would be nice.

Why does my banner still have snow on it? It's been in the 70's. I think it's time for a spring banner!

Fine. I'll replace your banner.....

You know it wouldn't kill you to at least post something, sometime.

It also wouldn't kill me to fold my laundry, but it's still sitting there on the couch in pile. Or maybe I should file my taxes but that's not done. Getting the dishes done would be nice too. Also going for a walk. Meeting my neighbors. Reading that book I started a month ago. I'm just a little overwhelmed right now and something has to give.

That's cool. I understand. But while you are sleeping I'll be posting pictures of you from Jr. High and the journal entries that are still stored on your hard drive.

I think it may be time for Ben to reformat this computer when he gets home....

Posting may be light for the next several weeks. We have a lot of things that are up in the air and we need some time to get them all done....

Saturday, March 14, 2009

New Post

There is a new post up at Our Old Shoes about the modern day slave trade.

Monday, March 09, 2009

For Sale: One wicked cool car

This weekend was a sad weekend. We put my baby up for sale. It's sad and exciting all at the same time. I am going to miss driving my Miata - but I am excited to be taking steps towards inner-city ministry. So if you know anyone who is looking for a 2002 5-Speed Miata with 78,000 miles on it, have them e-mail me at andicandi at gmail dot com.

Ben and I have been obsessed with trying to figure out what kind of car to buy once we sell the Miata. Like we can't focus on anything except figuring out which car would be the best value for our money. So we need you help. Please respond to the poll on the side as to what kind of car we should get. We've narrowed it down to four choices, only two of which I will actually consider, but I want to hear what you think first. So fill out the poll. Now. And let us know if you would recommend the Scion xA, the Nissan Sentra, the Toyota Prius, and the Ford Focus.

In happier news, the weekend before last Ben and I went caving at Mammoth Cave. It was pretty awesome, except that it totally kicked my butt. Apparently sitting in front of a computer all day does not prepare you for sudden exercise. Neither does eating candy bars or watching T.V., but I made it and I am glad we took the short trip. We crawled through small holes, narrow passages and down rock piles. We also got really thirsty and very sore. Ben found a bat, which was less climatic than it seems. You would think that he could have found it after it bite him on the neck or something, but instead he was just walking along and said, "hey look, a bat." It didn't bite anyone or do anything exciting except hibernate, which is cool and all, but it makes for a lame story on my blog. I found an eye-less beetle. That also did not bite anyone.

In fact the most alarming thing that happened on our trip was that my pants ripped. Right on the butt. Which if I was on a normal hike I could totally be discrete about it, but on a caving trip where I was crawling on my hands and knees? No. I just ended up mooning everyone for half of the trip. Mostly I just mooned Ben, but I am sure that the people behind him got glimpses of my right cheek now and then...

I would love to post pictures of this trip. Especially the one Ben took of my butt cheek, but we took a disposable camera and I am too lazy to go somewhere and scan them in. Which is probably better. We didn't get a picture of the bat or the beetle and I am sure no one wants to see the other pictures of me.

Now go respond to my poll! I need your help!