Monday, December 31, 2007

2007 in Review

When I was in college I thought that I had felt all there there was to feel. Happiness. Love. Joy. Hurt. Anger. But 2006 and 2007 have brought more feelings than I had ever experienced. Parts of 2007 were incredibly rough, but it is ending on a very high note. One of expectation and excitement. So tonight, celebrate the new year and look forward to what God is going to do with 2008.

2007 Brought:

- Anxiety.

- Healing from that anxiety. (I may write about it another time.)

- Wedding plans.

- Hospital visits

- Lots of Surgeries

- Canceled wedding plans

- Elopement. And a beautiful wedding!

- A wedding celebration

- Another engagement

- A trip to Hawaii

- Job hunting

- Possible homelessness

- Inner-City Ministry

- An exciting step of faith into the direction we feel that God is moving us.

Enjoy this new year's eve. Ben and I will be taking it easy, staying in and relaxing.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

For Sale: 2000 Honda CR-V

If you know anyone who might be interested in buying a nice 2000 Honda CR-V LX - we have a deal for you!

115,000 Miles (mostly highway)
Power windows, locks, mirror
Remote Keyless entry
100,000 mile maintenance performed
New tires (2 months old)
Tilt wheel
4-wheel drive
Regular maintenance kept up
Interior and exterior are in great shape!

All for the low price of $7,500!

Check it out:

If you know anyone who is interested they can contact me at andicandi (at) gmail (dot) com.

Friday, December 28, 2007

I made merry, did you?

Everyone, let's just take one big breath now. Ready? Breath in. Let it out slowly… Do you feel more relaxed? I do.

The whirlwind that is my life is still going strong. This weekend was packed so ridiculously full that I am still tired.

On Saturday we had the big ol' Christmas get together for my dad's side of the family. Ben and I showed up and hour and half late because I can't read. Every year since I was like 2, all of our dinners started at 1 pm. This year Christmas started at 11 am. I got a postcard stating that, but I threw it out without reading it because "it's the same as last year." And even though it was my fault we were late, I still accused Ben of not speeding because he didn't want to spend time with my family. I am just a joy to be married to.

Sunday was my family's Christmas celebration. Ben wouldn't let me throw out the 5 empty wrapping paper tubes because "those are way too much fun, we'll take them to your parents." So we took them and Ben put them in everyone's stocking with "love, Ben" written on them. And sure enough, we had tons of fun beating each other.

Monday we drove North to spend time with Ben's Dad's side of the family. We crammed 11 people into his grandparents house. Ben and I got to share a full-sized bed which is not at all like a queen. At one point I woke Ben up and threatened that if he took the covers one more time he would be sleeping on the cold floor. On Christmas day we played a rousing game of Taboo where one clue was "ladies undergarments. Cheese." Yes. The word was G-String. No. The guys did not guess that one.

I hope you had wonderful Christmas with lots of snoring relatives, inappropriate word games, fun presents and too much food.

P.S. We move in 22 days! AHHHH!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Let me explain. No. There is too much. Let me sum up.

I have some advice for all of you: Don't try and move to a different state 2 weeks after Christmas. If you are going to do this, don't plan on making personalized Christmas gifts, or selling a car, or looking for a job, or finding a place to live all at the same time. You will lose it.

Our lives have pretty much consisted of AHHHHAHHHAHHAAAHHHHH as we try and get everything done. So to sum up I present you with a list! A Christmas list of all of our craziness.

1. We have started giving awards to certain types of Christmas cards we get this year. So far we have determined winners for the most boring Christmas letter, the most naked baby photo, the smallest, the funniest, the longest letter, and the Christmas Cleavage Award. Yes. We got a photo that was way too little faces and way too much boob. And in all honestly, it's disturbing to see your mom like that.

2. We've found a place to live in Kentucky which means that I can cross of my To Do list, "Not be homeless", which I think is a major accomplishment. We looked at some pretty junky places before we found a beautiful little duplex (with washer and dryer hook-ups!). One place we looked at was a 100 year old house that was in desperate need of an overhaul. It was at that house that Ben and I realized (again) how different we are. Ben decided that we couldn't rent the place because of the moldy ceilings, the broken windows and $200 a month heating bill. I decided we couldn't rent that place because I couldn't live the floral wallpaper that was everywhere! It was tacky and it clashed with our beautiful new couch.

3. I still hate wal-mart. Enough said.

4. I had a job interview this week down in Kentucky. It went really well, except for the part of the interview where I took a test. That involved long division. Do you know how long it's been since I have done long division by hand? Anyone care to hazard a guess? Since Jr. High. If this job requires long division by hand I can't do it. I just circled some answer for that part of the test and moved on.

5. I love me some Christmas time!

6. Doesn't it seem like this list should have 10 items in?

7. Unfortunately, it's my bedtime and 7 is all we will have time for tonight. Goodnight!

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Hi. I am looking for a job...

Today would have been a good day to shave my legs. I didn't shave them for a variety of reasons, one of which being that it was 9 degrees when I woke up and when it's that cold all the hair just freezes and falls off anyway. It also snowed here yesterday and it is BEAUTIFUL! Here is what I woke up to yesterday:

I love me some snow. I wish I could go sledding, but alas it's all supposed to melt before I am done with all my grown-up things like paying bills and looking for a job so we can continue to pay for said bills. Boo.

Back to the hairy legs... I should have shaved them because today I had a job interview. One in which I wear a suit. The only suit I own. With a skirt. But, I am an idiot and completely forgot that I had an interview today with a recruiter. While getting dressed for work I contemplated dressing up and then decided that it was too cold for polyester and wore jeans instead. My job is cool (warm?) like that and while jeans are acceptable at my job they are less acceptable at an interview. So between dropping Ben off at work and getting to my job, my heart stopped when I realized that today was Thursday. Thursday! The day that I have that thing with the people. The people who might find me a job in that place where I am moving! The people who I must convince that I am competent enough to handle enough responsibility that they would give me a paycheck big enough to pay the bills. Do you see? I am not picky. I just want a job that is enough. A job that I am enough for and that they pay me enough. All I want is enough. Could you find a more easy-to-please person? I think not. Well maybe you could. I actually want a job that pays enough but also has enough vacation, and I am thinking something around 3 weeks is enough.

Anyway....I am getting sidetracked today!... I forgot about the interview and the on-line application I was supposed to fill out two days ago. Thankfully I had nothing on my calendar today and could just blow off work to prepare for something I was supposed to do last night... This apparently is why I need a lot of vacation time.

So I stopped by work to tell them I won't be there because, yes, I also left my cell phone at home. Today was my day, placed in a paper bag, set on my porch and lit on fire. That was how today was delivered to me. Really the rest of today was uneventful. I was able to fill out the application, press my dress shirt and make it to the interview in plenty of time. I got to wear my suit that smelled of college-student presentation sweat and closet funk. I am thinking a trip to the dry cleaners is in order... Also, I had leg hair sticking out of my panty hose but I figured if any recruiter was looking that closely at my legs I would end up slapping him and there goes the job anyway. So why not add some more layers of warmth?

The only other fun part about the job interview was walking from the parking lot, across Main St into the building. Apparently, the downtown sidewalk and parking lot patrol consider salting these surfaces optional; they were one large sheet of ice. I had to slowly scoot my dress shoes across them and pray that I didn't fall in such a way to get arrested for indecent exposure or rip my panty hose and have my leg hairs take over the interview. Fortunately I have a cat-like balance and made it inside just fine. Then it only took one person to explain that suite 1380 is not on the 1st floor, but on the 13th floor.

I hope I get a job for all of this trouble, preferably one that is on the first floor.

Sunday, December 02, 2007


Yesterday I went wedding dress shopping with my sister. Did I mention that she is engaged? She's getting married this coming June to a wonderful guy she met in college. They are very cute together!

I was happy that I avoided wedding dress shopping for my wedding. I didn't need that stress at all! My sister, however, doesn't stress over things like I do. I think she had fun with it. She came out twirling around and striking poses. She endured her friends having her try on some very hideous dresses; dresses that no one would look good in. She also tried on some absolutely gorgeous dresses!

She found a dress on the clearance rack and took it home that day. It is the prettiest wedding dress I have seen, second only to my dress. Finding her dress caused her to switch her wedding colors and bridesmaid dresses. She's putting me in something like this:

It's the socks that really make it. If I look unhappy it's because I am plotting how to get back at my sister and get away with it. Actually, she picked a much more flattering dress and I think she's going to have a beautiful wedding!