Thursday, April 20, 2006

My weekend in pictures

See that? That's my cat in a tree. Not in my apartment where he belongs. Oh no. In a tree.

To get in that tree he first jumped off of my second story balcony and then freaked out. I ran outside with some treats calling his name. Apparently in cat-lingo the word "Bailey" said while shaking treats means "freak out and run up a tree". I know this to be true because the more I called the higher he climbed.

The stupid cat was going to ruin Ben and I's plans to go out Saturday night. Saturday was our one-year anniversary. I had sewed a new dress and we were going to go out to eat to some place nice. Like Wendy's. Not one to let a cat deter me, I painted my toenails and then climbed the tree to get him down. Here are pictures of both:

As soon as I got up there, Bailey hugged the tree and made me pry him loose. But I won.

And then I skinned him.

Actually, no. I didn't skin him. But I'm not saying the thought didn't cross my mind...

Finally Ben and I were able to go out and we had a great time.

Here's a picture of the beautiful sunset that night.

I show you this picture to prove that I take better pictures than Ben. Here's one that he took:

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