Thursday, September 22, 2005

Can I get in the car?

The other day my mom dropped my dad off at the grocery while she drove over to Wal-mart. My dad got done before my mom so he walked over to Wal-mart. He got to the car right when my mom started it up. She didn't see my dad so she drove over to the grocery store. With a sigh, my dad walked back over to the grocery store.

My mom wasn't looking for my dad and just as he got to the car my mom, not knowing he was there, pulled away and parked. My dad walked over to the parking spot and my mom, being the funny lady she is, saw my dad this time and pulled away as a joke. She didn't know she had already pulled this joke two times.

I guess chasing the car for a third time was too much for my dad because he just stood there.

My parents are hilarious.

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