Monday, September 25, 2006

How can I creep you out today?

I don't just make people uncomfortable, but I can make them fear for the safety of themselves and their children.

A couple of weeks ago Ben and I were at a Chick-fil-a and there was a young couple there. They were probably close to our age. I noticed them because the mom was wearing combat boots, fish net stockings and a mini skirt. Not an outfit you normally see at a Chick-fil-a or on a mom.

Last Friday Amberly and I went out to eat and wouldn't you know it, the punk rock family was at the restaurant too. There were no fish nets this time but I definitely recognized them. This is the point were I made a fool out of myself.

The dad looked at me with a puzzled look and asked "Do I know you from somewhere."

I blurted out, "I saw you at a Chick-fil-a one time." Because that's what normal people do. They remind people that yes, I was the creepy girl staring at you at that restaurant 3 weeks ago and yes, I remember you and yes, it is a coincidence that we happened to be eating at the same place again!

The dad's look turned from puzzled to scared and he replied with, "ummm.... no..... I don't think that's it...."

"Did you go my university?" I asked.

"No. I go to the Tech School."

"Oh I live near there. I drive by it all the time. Maybe that's where you've seen me." I said further implying that I am stalking him.

The mom at this point isn't really sure what to do. I soon put her at ease by commenting on how cute her baby is. And that I would love to kidnap it.

I actually left that last part out but it was implied by my evil laugh and the frantic rubbing of my hands together.

Well I didn't actually do that either, but I'm sure the mom could envision me doing that...while hiding in the bushes near where they live.

The freaked out couple soon moved to the other side of the room and probably discussed whether or not to call the cops. Amberly leaned over to me and said "You are so strange."

Yes. I am. And I don't even mean to be.

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