Monday, February 19, 2007

I just look 16.....

*Sigh* I think I am growing up. I mean it's great and all but sometimes it really hits me that I am an adult.

Like this weekend. Ben and I got all dressed up and went out for Valentine's Day. Normally when I get all dressed up and go out I feel like I am playing dress-up. Not this time. We went downtown to this restaurant on top of a hotel. It was nice in that you could see the city from up there, but I got the feeling that the restaurant may be going out of business soon; that our meal may be the last meal they serve. They didn't play music while we ate, the silk flower centerpieces looked like they were left over from someone's wedding in 1984, and they were surprisingly not busy at all. But, the view was great, the food tasted good and the company was wonderful, so it was a nice night. And I got to buy a new dress for it. (It was super on sale. $50 down from $160 - I love a good bargain.)

Today was another "adult" experience. I met some friends for breakfast. At 9:30 am! I can't sleep past 8:30 anymore. I'm THAT old.

So to make up for feeling like an adult, I came home snuggled in my bed and ate chips while reading. I know you aren't supposed to eat in bed, it's really annoying to have roaches and mice in there, but I was tired and hungry so I really felt like I only had one option. Plus I only have 96 days left of complete bed ownership so I better enjoy it. I also started sleeping in my bed diagonally in order to take up as much of the bed as I can, while I still can.

It's those kinds of things that make me feel (and act) like less of an adult.

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