Tuesday, January 22, 2008


The move went great! We had lots of help and loading and unloading the truck went quickly. I love our new apartment. We have a yard and a living room big enough to have people over. The only thing we don't have is a dishwasher. Oh and a garabage disposal, and a storage shed. Also no coat closet or a linen closet. But inspite of all of things things, it's a nicer apartment then our old place and I feel very blessed to be living here. Once we get our internet hooked up and I'm not chilling at the library, I'll post some pictures of our view. It is something else.

Yesterday I hit my limit on moving frusteration and I stomped around the house like some sulky teenager. I didn't have internet or clean clothes and I had had it! I also had asked Ben to hang up all his clothes while I unpacked the kitchen. I got even more frusterated when all he did was hang up the clothes hangers and order them by size and color. Idiot.

Turns out that in my mumbling and stomping around what I had communicated to Ben was to please, for goodness sake can't you see I am doing all the work around here, just hang up the hangers. Ben went the extra mile to organize them by size and color the whole time thinking he had married a ridiculously petty woman. And I was thinking that he was just wasting time while I did all the work.

Thankfully, we were both able to laugh over it about 8 hours later.

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