Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's called character...

If you owned a house and the basement leaked, what would you do? Would you

A) grade the soil around the house to cause the water to run AWAY from the house?
B) fix the broken downspouts so the water doesn't pour into your basement?
C) drill holes in the basement floor so the water can drain out quicker?

If you answered C you probably owned this house before us. There are so many great things about this house that I love and then there are things like the holes in the basement floor that make me scratch my head. There are so many things that we want to fix/upgrade that I don't even know where the list begins. Thankfully none of them must be taken care of RIGHT now and we can wait until we have money to fix them. Otherwise my mom may have gotten a downspout for Christmas.

Speaking of Christmas we got our tree up, but have not had time to decorate it. I knew that being a pastor's wife would be busy but moving and being a pastor's wife is just plain crazy. No one should move around Christmas time. Moving has not gone like I planned. Our box spring doesn't fit up our stairs, the back porch is filled with boxes and a cold crawled in my head and died. So needless to say I am full of grump.

Anyone want to come clean and unpack boxes?

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