Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I am brilliant

I got my new car yesterday. I love it!

Today I tried to break my old car. See, I don't have snow tires for the Miata yet. And if you drive it in the snow without snow tires you might as well just drive it into a poll.

Last night it snowed so this morning I drove my old 626. Except that I couldn't get in my car because the door had frozen shut. This happens when rain turns to sleet which turns to snow and freezes my car in a block of ice. In a moment of sheer genius I decide I could get the door open if I pulled on the handle and pried on it with my key.

For a second I thought I had won and then I realized that I had just bent my key into a 90 degree angle.

It broke when I bent it back.

So I had to call my mom, ask her to de-ice her car and come bring me the only spare key we have to this car. And I missed a meeting at work. That I was leading.

It was a great morning.

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