Sunday, July 02, 2006

And then a giraffe ran over me

Last week I went shopping and oh the deals and not-really-a-deal-but-cute-things I found! I hadn't been shopping in such a long time. I finally have summer clothes that I didn't wear in high school! It's fabulous!

Anyway, my clothes are not the point of this blog. The conversation I overhead with a Mom and her 4 year old daughter in one of the stores is the point. The little girl was pretty bored and begging to go home. The mom promised that she needed to wait just a little more and then they would go. The little girl found a mirror and began to amuse herself.

She twirled in her pink tutu and began to ask her mom questions as her mom looked through the racks and distractedly answered.

"Mommy. Do you like my shoes?"

"They are very pretty dear."

"Mommy. Do you like my hair?"

"Uh huh."

"Mommy, do you like my skirt?"

" yes.... it's pretty." The mom answered as she held up a blouse.

"Mommy. Do you like my mustache?"

"uh. Yes. It's very nice."

At this answer the little girl looked at her mom and stopped asking questions.

I laughed to myself and gave the girl 10 points for her wit.

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