Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Mr. Fix-it

Conversations or quotes from our maintenance man:

Returning my call to the emergency pager:

Maintenance man: "So what's the problem?"

Andi: "My roof is leaking in my storage room."

MM: "In your apartment?"

A: "Not really. In the storage room off my balcony."

MM: "Is it leaking now?"

A: "No."

MM: "So there isn't water currently leaking into your apartment?"

A: "Right"

MM: "So would you classify this as an emergency?"

A: "No. Not really."

MM: "The girl at the office told me you had water pouring into your apartment."

Same conversation:

MM: "The leak is probably from the people above you. They have dogs."

While that's gross, it's also impossible since I live on the top floor.


MM while replacing my faucet: "Man! I think I got my head lodged between the disposal and the sink!"


MM: "Your window won't shut? I'll just give it a little heave ho."

Loud crunching sounds from the window

Amberly: "Can we open it now?"

MM: "Ummm....I'll be back with my tools."


"It's ok. It's not supposed to rain anytime soon." MM referring to the leak in my roof and subsequent hole in my ceiling and why we shouldn't worry about it. As it is pouring rain outside.

Amberly: "So what happens if it does rain and leaks again?"

MM: "I would move that nice picture hanging there."

MM: "What are you doing at tonight? I get off at 5."

Amberly: " I go to work at 5. Ironic huh?"

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