Tuesday, August 08, 2006


I realize that I haven't blogged much about my involvement with inner-city ministry lately. I am still working with the church plant on the East side and things are going well. They are moving slowly - but they are moving.

If you are free this Saturday a bunch of churches on the East side are working together to paint some houses. You are welcome to come and help. (I know! Churches. As in more than one. Working together! And different denominations too! The unity of the Body of Christ is a beautiful thing.)

Things are also starting to move forward with my church getting involved in ministry downtown. I haven't been able to be too involved with that yet - but I hope to be soon.

Tonight we were discussing the possibility of the church plant purchasing a building. The cost is roughly $100,000. We have NO CLUE where that $100,000 is coming from but when you think about it - a building, a large building for a church for $100,000 is a steal. An absolute steal. I was pondering this during our discussions tonight and it made me sad to think that $100k is a struggle for this church. There are so many churches in this area that have spent millions on extravagant buildings. And I had to wonder if our suburban churches were really being good stewards of our resources.

Are we really sharing with everyone as he has need? Or just as it serves our congregation? We know they need money for churches in Africa but do we notice that the churches and ministries in inner-cities also need funds? Could we do without the designer exterior lighting and purchase a new roof for a struggling inner-city church? Are we leveraging the resources God has given us, or will we be just as guilty as the person who never gave a cent to a church in their life? Do our wealthy churches have just as much a responsibility to give as do our wealthy individuals?

To some extent suburban churches do need to use their resources differently. They are reaching different groups of people. But, is it the building that reaches people or is it the people of the church that reach people? I think it is the people. The building can just help facilitate that.

I do think that the leadership in my church understands the responsibility we have for our resources. I think they are being a great example of how a suburban church can leverage their resources to make an impact for the Kingdom. Props to them.

I know this whole post is so vague and more like nothing than something. These are just my thoughts. And if you know of someone who has an extra $100k laying around - I know a small church that is doing amazing work for the Kingdom that could use it.

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