Thursday, August 17, 2006

Ignore the typos... I only have one arm

I am sitting in an Alabama airport waiting for my plane to arrive. One more business trip done. These conferences are exhausting. Glad I only go to 2-3 a year.

Nothing crazy exciting happened on this trip. Well some bartender at a restaurant thought I was 19 (I'm 23) and some other bartender was willing to serve me champagne without any ID. Whatever.

I decided that my stylish laptop case was not made for a 57 lb laptop (It's gotten heavier throughout the week). I think my laptop case was made for a PDA. You could comfortably carry a PDA, notebook, files and pens in it without feeling like it was sawing your arm off. However, with a laptop, wireless card (because I am crazy cool like that) and power cords - the case DOES saw your arm off. The only good solution for carrying my laptop is one of those nerdy backpacks with wheels.

My friend, Jessica, had one of those in High School. She only used it because her mom bought it for her and she felt bad saying no. So since we were all great friends, we would pull the handle up on it as she wore it on her back and then "steer" her down the hallways. She would laugh and yell at us. It was great fun. She doesn't talk to me anymore....

I am taking tomorrow off of work and relaxing and then this weekend Ben and I are going to visit his Grandparents and visit an amusement park. Such fun.

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