Friday, August 11, 2006

Even sleeping is exciting

I live in a one bedroom apartment with Amberly. It's a pretty big apartment - but it's still cozy with two of us here. We managed to shove a queen bed, a twin bed, two dressers and a night stand into the bedroom. Going to bed and getting up requires a spy-like silence since we both have very different schedules. Amberly is still in school and stays up late and sleeps in when she can. I on the other hand am an old fudy-dudy who works and needs to be in bed early and can't sleep in even when I try. With our schedules we rarely see each other awake - but we do get to witness the craziness that happens when one of us is asleep.

A couple of nights ago I couldn't sleep because my legs were dry and oh-my-I-needed-lotion-right-away! We keep lotion on the floor next to our beds for an occasion such as this. I rolled over, grabbed the bottle and began to put on the lotion. But then I fell asleep in the middle of applying the moisturizing goodness; however, my legs still itched and I kept waking up and putting lotion on and falling asleep before I was done. My brain couldn't remember that I had already used the lotion because every time I woke up my brain screamed "PUT THE LOTION ON NOW. YOUR SKIN IS DRYING UP." I must have applied 7 layers of lotion to my right calf because it's crazy soft.

By the time Amberly had come in I was sleeping with the lotion bottle and had lotion all over my bed. As she was trying to see what I was doing my brain kicked into gear and the lotion cycle began all over again. My leg shot in the air, I smothered some lotion on it and then turned to look at Amberly. I this point I realized that I was laying in bed, sticking my leg in the air and I was covered in lotion. I rolled over and thought to myself "Where did that strange girl come from? I bet I look like an idiot."

About a month ago I woke up to Amberly curled up on the edge of my bed. I don't like people touching me and I don't like people touching my bed so this made me angry and I woke her up with "WHAT in the world are you DOING?" She looked at me and mumbled something and then sheepishly headed back to her bed. And since I am such a great person when I am woken up I growled "Move or I'll kick you in your head." And then I went back to sleep.

In the morning I woke up wondering if all that really happened. "Yes. It happened", explained Amberly. "There was an airplane in my bed so I had to sleep in yours," she stated very matter of factually. She continued with, "I was mad at you for making me sleep with the airplane when you had such a huge bed!" I would be mad at me too.

Oh the excitement in this little apartment!

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