Saturday, December 16, 2006

A Letter From My Trip

Dear TSA,

Thank you for doing such a thorough job of keeping our planes and airports safe. I appreciate all the work you do and the people you put up with. You were very professional and helpful at every encounter I had with you on my last trip. I just have a couple questions.

When you searched my bag before loading it on the plane, was it really nessecary to remove the nozzle on my mousse? Is that really a danger? I didn't think it was, but since you took it from me, it must be. I never knew that a little peice of plastic could be that dangerous. I am glad you took that extra precaution, took the nozzle, and allowed the mousse to leak all over my clothes. Thank you.

Also, did you really need to empty the contents of my purse into my suitcase? I mean, I appreciate your thoroughness, but I don't appreciate picking earrings and loose change out of my dirty laundry.

I probably don't understand what it takes to do your job, because frankly sometimes it doesn't make sense.

- A confused Traveller

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