Thursday, October 25, 2007


"I was sitting at my desk eating lunch when a bug fell from the ceiling and landed about a foot from my sandwich," I explained to Ben. "It scurried across my desk and I realized it was one of those creepy house centipedes."

"Oh yeah, I've seen those around here," Ben interuppted.

"Wait....what?! By around here to you mean in Ohio or in our apartment?"


"Because those seriously are the grossest bugs ever!"

"They have huge legs and move really fast?"

"Yes. Those things freak me out so much! I don't think you meant the same bug I mean."

"Are they brown?"

"Yes. Oh those give me the creeps!"


"So anyway, this centipede ran across my desk to under my laptop. I couldn't bring myself to pick the laptop up to kill it. What if it crawled on my hand? So I got Geoff to come in and kill it. And then we lost it! We couldn't find it in the room. I told Geoff he had to find it or I was going to feel it crawling up my legs all day long! Eventually he found it and killed it."

"Happy ending."

"Did you really see one in our apartment?"


"Ewwww! I don't believe you! Are you sure?"

"Pretty sure."

"No way! Let me show you a picture. Is this what you saw? This creepy thing?"

"Ummm... probably not."



"Don't lie to me just so I feel better."

"mmmm... yes. That was in our apartment."


"The bathroom."

"Yugghhh. I am never going to be able to get anything out of that bottom cabinet ever again. Goodbye TP and tampons...."

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