Sunday, April 13, 2008

3 Things

1. It's cold and rainy outside and it makes me mad. I moved South and it's April - it should be warm and sunny. I mean it was never in my life plan to move South, so since I did, I would like to reap the benefits of warm weather and sweet tea. This weather reminds me of Ohio. I want my money back.

2. Has anyone ever heard of Belle Brezing? No? You really should look her up. She was an internationally known Madam here in Kentucky, Lexington to be exact, around the turn of the century. Great role model. Now generally cities and states try and down play the role prostitutes had in their history, but not so here in Kentucky. Here she gets displays at museums and even a bed race. Yeah. A race where people dress up, in drag even, and roll beds down main street. Lexington and Louisville both honor this madam with a bed race around the start of famous horse races. You can't get any classier than that. Oh Kentucky how I love you...

3. Last night someone knocked at our door and started yelling. Ben jumped up and opened the door. Ok. Pause and reread that. Ben opened the door to our HOME to some guy banging on the door and yelling. Yeah. I was not happy and if this guy didn't get Ben first he was going to hear it from me. Fortunately, my husband does have a head on his shoulders and had looked out the window and knew he was opening the door to the plumber we had called.

The burly plumber and his equally large assistant looked at our shower and told us that they would need to come back on Tuesday with the needed parts. Then the plumber gave us his name and phone number and told us to call him if we weren't going to be home on Tuesday. Can you guess what his name is? I have no idea what his real name is, but the name that he gave us was Animal. Yeah. Animal. Our landlord's plumber goes by Animal. He has three teardrop tattoos and large hands. Tuesday should be interesting.

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