Monday, September 01, 2008

Are we there yet?

We are back! And I never want to ride in another car again. Sitting in one for 11 million hours driving from wal-mart to wal-mart is enough. Our vacation originally was going to be a camping road trip of the South. But since we (and by we I mean Ben) didn't plan on it being cold in the mountains or it raining almost every day of our trip our vacation morphed into how-many-wal-marts-can-we-visit-in-one-week. Even with all our money going to feed the Man, it was a good trip.

First though I have to tell you a little bit about our trip to D.C. Being true to our overacheiving selves we crammed in as much stuff as we could. Even to the point of hauling our luggage around Arlington Cemetary the last day we were there. (Wouldn't recommend that.) But the highlight of the trip occured while Ben was sitting in the hotel room doing homework. The day before we had gotten into a "discussion" about how close to the road you should stand waiting for the crosswalk signal. Ben stands about as far away as you can because "these drivers are crazy". I like to stand right on the edge of the road and dare someone to hit me. Or at least I did, because the next day Ben saw a lady at a light drive over a curb and A GUY'S BICYCLE as he was waiting for the crosswalk. She drove over his bike. Like he had to pull it out of her wheel well. So I guess that means Ben gets a point and I'll stand next to him away from the street.

The one thing that I realized while camping is that I don't like to live far away from civilization. And by that I mean restaurants and stores. Driving 30 min into the nearest town that has a Wal-mart and an Applebees is not my cup of tea. Also I realized that camping in the remains of a tropical storm are also not that much fun. In 24 hours the side of the mountain that we were on got 2 inches of rain. The other side of the mountain got 8 inches. Which meant no river tubing or water slides for Andi. Sad.

We did get to do some really neat things though, hiking in the smokies, mirror maze in Gatlinburg, hiking through a gorge in Georgia, visiting Ben's family in Georgia, seeing Rock City and visiting the Chattanooga aquarium.

I have about a million other stories but right now it's lunch time with no food in the house and my father-in-law is coming over tomorrow and he'd probably like to see the house and not so much all these piles of laundry.

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