Monday, September 22, 2008

Next time I'll get Tooth of the Month

Friday I went to the dentist. I was a tad bit wary about going to a new dentist down here. (Wary, by the way, is the word that lost me a spelling bee. It's not spelling W-E-R-Y.) I had gone to the same small dentist office in Ohio since I was 5. I didn't really want to find a new dentist and I had heard horror stories about dentists down here. Unnecessary root canals. Crowns that weren't fitted. Cavities that didn't exist. So I put it off until it had been over a year since my last visit and I wasn't getting my money's worth from the insurance I was paying.

OH MY GOSH! Dentist offices have gotten so high tech. This office that I went to was HUGE! It was like a teeth cleaning warehouse! There was a whole hallway of rooms of hygienists just cleaning people's teeth. I had never seen anything like it. Then, they took my blood pressure. Just to "make sure I was relaxed". (Or for cheaper malpractice insurance. You pick.) But the best part was the x-rays. I hate getting x-rays taken of my teeth. HATE IT. It makes me gag and it's no fun. But this office had digital x-rays. That instantly popped up on a screen in front of me. X-rays of my teeth. Just like that. It was so cool. Well until it showed that I had 3 cavities between my teeth from not flossing. Ever. And a 4th one forming. Guess who is the queen of flossing now?

The downside of the visit was that I had a cheerleader-sized version of Helga the Hygienist who felt that it was her duty to not only stretch out my lips but also floss down to my toes. My gums are still sore. I think she was trying to make a point about flossing. I get it. I'll floss now.

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