Saturday, November 01, 2008

Shh... don't tell anyone

Ben and I were invited to a "Sola Scriptura Costume Party" last night. We were supposed to come dressed according to scripture. You really can't get much bible-nerdier than that. We were pretty excited. Some of the more creative costumes were "Potipher's wife" dressed in fishnets and a bustier, "Drunkeness" dressed in beat up overalls and carried the "fruit of the flesh" in a brown paper bag, and our asian friend who dressed as the "wise man from the East".

I tried to come up with the cheapest costume possible and when I realized that Ben wouldn't let me dress as Rahab the prostitute, I settled on spies to Jericho. Behold our costumes:

We actually won an award for the most creative costume. I've never won a costume award and I am pretty pumped about this one. I am totally displaying the trophy in our living room.

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