Friday, November 21, 2008

We are good friends...

Yesterday was one of those days. Everything went wrong. I came home to find out that our credit card number may have been stolen and new cards would take 1-2 weeks to arrive. Awesome timing since I was planning on doing the Christmas shopping tomorrow. Awesome. Our internet was down and someone couldn't come out until Tuesday to fix it. I put sour milk into the eggs I was making and the flour I was going to use had worms in it. It was not a good evening.

But now it's Friday and after 4 days our internet is FINALLY fixed. It is a much better day!

Last weekend our friend Scott got married. Congratulations Scott and Olivia.

We gave them a set of unique trivets.

And Ben got to do the worm at the reception. I think that this makes it a good wedding.

We also pranked their house, which apparently is not done here in Kentucky. When I describe how we booby trap the house or rearrange all of the furniture while the couple is on their honeymoon, I get told I am mean and not a good friend. I don't think that they understand; that's just how we treat our friends in Ohio, we take all the labels off of their cans and fork their yard to show our love. Fortunately Scott lives in Ohio and he's participated in plenty of pranks. He had it coming.

We re-did the bed
the shower,
the pictures,
and the basement.
We also left them a welcome home note.

In all actuality this is pretty tame. They should be happy that Matt didn't release all those pregnant hamsters in their house. That would be a real surprise!

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