Sunday, November 02, 2008

To the people with excessive Halloween decorations...


I thought about mailing you this letter but I couldn't see your house number for all the Halloween decorations in your yard. It really is impressive that you could fit so much stuff in such a little yard. I will have to admit that I was pretty offended when you first started decorating. The lone life-size mannequin with the butcher knife chopping up a body was pretty disturbing. The fact that you put it right at the curb where I couldn't help but see it really frustrated me. I considered complaining.

I am glad that I didn't. I might have missed out on all the other mannequins you had to set up. When you brought that trailer over with all the additional decorations that you had kept in storage, I knew that we were in for a treat. You set up an entire haunted house worth of characters, flashing lights and tombstones all in your little 10x10 foot yard. You managed to get all the horror stars out there - Jason, the headless bride, Freddie Kruger and so many others. It was better than a wax museum. And the music! You probably had at least 3 different songs all playing simultaneously. You really outdid yourself and anyone else who lives in this county.

So thanks for the mini-haunted drive in your yard; however, it's November 2 and Halloween is over. I may still be offended by the chopped up body and fake blood. Could you take it all down now? I just can't wait to see your Christmas decorations...


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