Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Day

The rain, ice and snow came and it's shutting down everything around here. I haven't gone into work because I am a chicken and would rather not get hit by a crazy driver. I must say that the best part of winter storms is the news coverage around here. They go crazy. They interview people buying snow shovels, the provide live coverage of the "snow falling! From the SKY! And landing on the ground!" and they tell just exactly the road conditions - treacherous. Which could mean slightly damp or it's a death trap. They use the word pretty liberally around here.

While we were watching the news this morning to see if I should venture out there were two reports that I really enjoyed. In the first report the reporter directed the camera to her feet where she showed us that the snow "covered her shoes". This is breaking news people. The snow covered her shoes. The second report covered the main road in town and was showing how slippery it was. To demonstrate the bad conditions, the reporter WALKED ON TO THE ROAD in front of oncoming traffic and slid around on the ice. Because nothing speeds up the morning commute or boosts T.V. ratings like a live video of a reporter being struck by a car. Thankfully that didn't happen, but I am hoping that from now on that reporter is regulated to the news desk. Where it's dry and there are no cars to leap in front of.

If it's snowing near you, stay dry and enjoy some hot chocolate.

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