Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Tips for keeping your money

I used to follow the financial meltdown of the global economy pretty regularly, but then I realized that there was just too many banks failing and too much of my tax dollars were going to people I wouldn't hire, so I just gave up. But I can see how in all this uncertainty it can be hard to pick a bank. Will it still be open tomorrow? Does this bank still give out suckers? Do their checks look cool? All of these are important questions. It's hard to pick a good, solid bank, but one bank near my house is making it a little easier than the others. It is standing above the rest and helping you make up your mind. It's their sign that reads,

"New Home Lone Rates"

that boldly proclaims that you should take your money elsewhere. Preferably to a bank that can spell. And maybe count.

Hopefully this Christmas season you placed your money in a better bank. Have a wonderful Christmas! Enjoy the time we have to celebrate the birth of our savior, Jesus Christ.

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