Thursday, December 11, 2008

What's in a name?

I need your help. Old, Comfy Shoes may have run its course. I used to love writing funny stories about what goes on in my life. Now I feel like I have run out of material and I am keeping this blog going just out of obligation. It's hard to come up with stories when 11 hours of my day are taken up working or driving to and from work. Since I can't blog about work it really puts a crimp in my style. Also, I've become nicer and can't make fun of people on my blog which removes about 90% of my content.

What I want to write about is how we could do something about the crap that goes on in this world. I want to write about why we should do things about the problems we see, why as a Christian it's important to do something about the environment, poverty and racism. These are things that I enjoy discussing and want to write about. I want to get people's feedback on different books and make people aware of opportunities they have to get involved. I want the time I spend writing to mean something.

There is just one thing holding me back: I can't come up with a name for this new blog. There's no point in registering a new site if I don't know what to call it. Do any of you have any ideas? Could you send them my way? Leave them in the comments if you don't mind. I'm sure someone out there has a brilliant idea that they don't mind me stealing.

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