Monday, January 12, 2009

Attention All Fad Dieters

You are messing up my system. What is up with all the health food being gone at the grocery store? Are there that many of you that decided on January 1st that you would only drink organic milk? Did everyone decide to make their New Year's resolution to only eat lean, grain-fed beef? Or is there just one of you who is stock piling in case we have a shortage of ground turkey?

Now, I've always said that I think people should eat healthier. A lot of our nation's health problems would be solved if everyone ate more veggies and less mac & cheese. But now, I take it all back. When you all do eat healthy I can't find what I need at Kroger! Was it really nessecary to buy ALL OF THE FROZEN VEGATABLES? Was it? Because I am getting really tired of having to go to the store 2-3 times a week just to get a carton of farm eggs.

Here's the thing. I know this won't last. That in three weeks most of you will go back to eat how they used to eat, and then I'll be able to buy my grocery's again in one trip. There is a better way, you know. If you KEPT eating healthy all year long, hopefully Kroger would adjust their inventory and we could all find what we need. But when you go back and forth and back and forth, I CAN'T TAKE IT! So please, either start commit to eating these things enough so that Kroger can stock them properly or just hand over the free-range chicken breasts.


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