Saturday, January 03, 2009

Welcome 2009

One of Ben and I's goals for 2009 is to simplify our life. Our first step is going through all the the old papers we have and shredding anything we don't need. Today I found a gem in the midst of all of this junk.

Back when I got my wisdom teeth out I woke up from the anesthesia and started talking. To stop me from busting my stitches, my mom handed me some paper to write on instead. I am so glad she did, because here is some of what I wrote:

My mind doesn't work. I see indians!! - only when I shut my eyes.

Can I go play in the creek?

I should do more drugs.

Every time I close my eyes the Indians come back.


Did I get a sticker?

Just a minute ago you were walking around giving soup to people. Peasants - they were starving. That is a stupid pie to wake up to.... Mirror - I was battling indians in my sleep and you were feeding the wounded. I woke up. Maybe. That nurse kept getting in the way when you were feeding people. I don't know why people would take drugs - this is freaking & something I never want to do again - getting knocked out I mean.


What a great start to 2009!

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