Friday, January 01, 2010

It just depends on the day

You know how when people have kids, that's all they talk about? I am that way with our new house. Be prepared though, because in a couple months I am getting a kitten and that will be all that I will talk about...

Reasons I hate that we bought an old house:
  • We hung up curtains and the draft coming through the windows blew them around
  • Our queen-sized box spring doesn't fit up our stairs. We are spending today arguing about the best way to cut it to make it fit
  • Our "2-car" garage is really a 1.5 car garage. Any car bigger than a Miata wouldn't fit in the second half
  • On any given day one of our toilets will probably block up
  • Old plumbing
  • Poorly placed 2-prong outlets
  • Even with all the vents closed upstairs, it's 66 degrees downstairs and 72 degrees upstairs
Reasons I love that we bought an old house:
  • 3 stained glass windows
  • Original hardwood floors in the entire house
  • Original wood doors and woodwork
  • Large kitchen
  • 1,500 sq ft in our price range
  • A front porch with room for a swing
  • A garage off an alley instead of off the street
  • The neighborhood
  • Large windows
  • A neighborhood with mature trees
Generally I love my house, but sometimes it makes we want to live in a cookie-cutter condo. Anyone want to come wrestle a box spring upstairs?

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