Sunday, October 02, 2005

Last Weekend

I can finally post about last weekend.

I had planned to visit Ben that weekend for a while. I got a late start as I had to leave work later than I wanted to and then got stuck for an hour in a traffic jam in Cincinnati. I started to get really frustrated at the back-up of cars, but after a while I figured that there was a reason God had me stuck in traffic. When I saw smoke coming from my car I knew that He did.

The adventure that happened that night makes for a long story with which I won't bore you. I will give you the cliff notes of the evening.

A lady named Elizabeth stayed with me for 7 hours to make sure I made it. Her friend Bill came to help replace my alternator belt and the truck mechanic, Lenny, from next door also lent a hand. The first belt we tried was too big so Bill drove Elizabeth and I across the river to get a new belt. Bill, being an retired cop, thinks the speed limit of all streets in downtown Cincy is 50 mph. We were flying through the city with Bill yelling at everyone in his way. After a quick stop at an auto-parts store we flew back to my car. At one point Bill was trying to point out the school where he works on top of the hill. He stopped at a light and a building was blocking our view. So Bill threw the car in reverse and we went flying backwards down the road until we could see it.

That night was an adventure to say the least. I met some very kind people, even if they didn't know anything about how to replace an alternator belt (they were putting it on wrong - that's why it didn't fit.) Eventually we realized that the alternator was burned out and my dad and mom came down to help replace it. We finished working on my car at around 2 am and I made it to Lexington the next day.

Meeting Elizabeth was a neat experience. She didn't fit the standard Christian stereotype but she showed me more of Christ's love than most Christians. It was good to talk with her and encourage her and be encouraged.

If you think of it, pray for Elizabeth, Lenny and Bill. They all showed me kindness and could use some joy in life - they've all had it pretty tough. I'm glad I met them.

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