Saturday, October 15, 2005

Surprise Visit

Ben came up to surprise me with a visit this weekend. What a wonderful surprise!

We saw two things which could best be described as "creepy" this weekend.

One was when we were hanging out with his sister in this weird little town near my alma mater. There's really not much in this town except for several Halloween and party stores. We drove through at 11:00 pm and there was a large number of people just milling about the town. Families, Chinese MBA students, teenagers and couples were all just chillin'. A weird mix of people. That in and of its self was creepy but then at the end of the main street square there was this old cotton candy booth (like what they have at fairs) all lit up and selling cotton candy. The corner was very poorly lit and the whole scene looked like people were there for a festival we couldn't see. CREEEEEEEPY.

Today Ben and I went for a walk in the woods and after probably 3/4 of a mile we come to this clearing that is filled with little kids in costumes with their parents. The location had picnic tables but the shelter that was there was gone a long time ago - all that remained were the giant chimneys. It looked like we walked in on some strange wood fairy dance. The strangest thing was that the nearest parking lot was probably half a mile away. And some of these kids were really young. CREEEPY.

Aside from the creepy events it was a great visit. We went to a garage sale and I got dishes, a crockpot and a lamp all for 15 bones.

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