Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving

Did you see it?

It snowed yesterday and today. I love snow. Snow crunching under your feet is one of the best sounds in the world. It is right up there with leaves crunching under your feet. I really hope I always get to live somewhere with four seasons. I love the changes in weather. (Good thing I live in Ohio, Huh? The weather changes about every hour.)

Well it's officially the Christmas season. Stores try and trick people into thinking the Christmas season starts right after Halloween, but it doesn't. It starts right after Thanksgiving. I am listening to Christmas music right now. Tomorrow Amberly and I are going downtown to watch the lighting of the tree. I absolutely LOVE Christmas time. I love that people throw parties. I love that people are willing to start conversations with strangers just because it's Christmas time. I love Christmas in cities (NYC especially). I love picking out the perfect gift for my family and friends. I love decorating for Christmas. I love making caramel and buckeyes to give out. I love singing Christmas carols at church. I love Christmas.

I know several people who do not share my love of Christmas and it makes me slightly sad. I feel like they just aren't seeing something that I see about this time of the year. I think I annoy them by trying to convince them how great this season is, but I really don't see what there isn't to love about this holiday!

Yes, we have taken it and turned it into the "Holiday Season" so as to not offend anyone and we've made it more about presents and less about the birth of Christ, but I can ignore that. I know what Christmas is all about. And so does my friends and family. So until the world gets in line, I will continue to love what Christmas is really about and ignore the junk that we've added to it.

With that said I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!

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