Saturday, November 12, 2005

Pudding Cake

Whew. A lot has happened since I really posted last. My mamaw passed away. She was a believer so she's in heaven, which is good for her because she got to go home. I'll miss her though.

My Mom's birthday was on Tuesday. My Dad brought Chinese food home and I was supposed to bake a cake and bring it. This would be the first time I baked anything in my apartment. Cakes are well.... cake to bake. At least most cakes are. I made a yellow cake and we fought. It looked perfect coming out of the oven but it soon fell and when I tried to ice it the top layer kept coming off and making the icing all crumbly. Angry eyes. I let it cool overnight, I shouldn't have had this problem! Finally after fighting with it for approximately 35 minutes, I got it iced. I won. However, by the time I got it to my parents house it had fallen even more and there was a giant chasm in the top. Whatever. I gave up. When my mom (who was so excited that I baked her a cake) cut it, I figured out why it fell. It was completely mushy on the middle. Only the corners were done enough to eat.

I fought the cake and the cake won. Happy birthday Mom.

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