Monday, November 14, 2005

We don't really play well with others....

Why can't churches work together?

It really frustrates me that most of the time they don't. Even the campus ministry I was a part of didn't work with other campus ministries. Sometimes I feel like churches are competing for "holiness points" or something. If we worked together to reach our community then we'd have to share those points. Ahhhh!

I've decided that I really like small churches. I grew up in a small church and the community in a small church is great. The problem is that small churches don't have a lot of resources. Big churches do. The church I go to has somewhere between 1,500 and 2,000 people that attend. Tons of resources available. The church plant I go to has about 20 - 30 people and pretty much no resources.

So little churches have a hard time sending missionaries, providing supplies for their community, etc... BUT, what if small, big and medium sized churches all teamed together? Looked past the doctrinal differences for a little while and all served together? We might look more like the Bride of Christ.

I know churches aren't perfect. And I don't really blame anyone. It's hard to partner with people. Takes time and trust. But I'm not sure churches even think about teaming together.

Maybe we focus on the community within our church and ignore the relationship between churches.

I've just began to realize how much this frustrates me.

My church is beginning to launch Home Churches. (Don't ask me about them because I still really don't understand much about them...) Maybe with these Home Churches (I promise we are not a cult) we can get the community of a small church and enjoy the resources of a large church.

Now if only we could team with other churches and parachurch organizations....

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