Sunday, February 26, 2006


This funny article was sent in by reader, Mrs. H. She thought it sounded like a job for my family.
A neighborhood had a problem with wild chickens. The town's solution was to give the fire fighters guns and let them deal with the chickens. The neighbors were less than thrilled.

Here are some of my favorite excerpts from the article:

"It sounded like a war zone over there."

"“I just don't feel people should be running around with .22s in a neighborhood."

"“Anything that was moving, they were shooting, there'’s blood all over the place."

"In the end, about eight chickens were killed, and one chick was captured." (There were between 50-75 chickens in the neighborhood.)

"City officials are still seeking more alternatives with how to handle the chicken problem. After hearing about the events last week, a man from Gilchrist County called officials to tell them that he has a Labrador Retriever rescued after Hurricane Katrina that can catch chickens without injuring them, Kaminskas said. Officials tested the dog out on Tuesday, Feb. 7, and had positive results, he said."

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