Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am Such A Rebel

I visited Ben this past weekend and this is a phone conversation I had with my mom while there:

Me: Mom, umm..... Ben and I got matching tattoos and I am thinking that it was a bad idea.

Mom: You did what?!?!?

Me: Yeah..... got a tattoo. Could you look up a place that does tattoo removal?

Mom: What??!?!!? Are you serious?

Me: Yes. We have matching tattoos.

Mom: What were you thinking?

Me: Well I had this cold and I was kind of tired and it seemed like a good idea.

Mom: I can't believe you. Are you serious?

Me: Yeah.....

Mom: Are you pulling my leg? You have to be pulling my leg.

Me: Well they are temporary tattoos.

Mom: Good. I was thinking that you were stupid, stupid, stupid and that I went wrong somewhere raising you.

I got the reaction I wanted.

I sent Ben a Valentine's day card that had a temporary tattoo in it. Every V-day card should come with tattoos.

The card I sent him.

Our tattoos.

The result.

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