Sunday, June 18, 2006


Yesterday Ben and I went strawberry picking. Something that I hadn't done since I was a kid. My mom used to take us and we would pick pounds and pounds of strawberries. On the way home we would drive with the windows down and eat strawberries and throw the stems out the window until we felt sick. It was a lot of fun (the eating part, the picking part was only fun until I got bored) unless you sat in the back seat, where you would get peppered with strawberry stems that would be thrown out by the sibling in front of you and then blown back in the van straight into your face.

Strawberry picking was also our science lesson. I learned all about the parts of a strawberry plant and how they grow and what farmers do to help them grow.

Ben and I picked 8 lbs of strawberries yesterday in 45 min (that's a picture of them at the top!). This made me realize that getting strawberries at the store for $2.50/lb was a bargain, because it was hard work to pick them. I have a new respect for fruit pickers now. And I realize why my mom had so many kids...

Anyway, here are pictures from yesterday. They were taken with my cell phone, so they aren't the greatest quality but you get the point.

Doesn't Ben look like a giant?

This is what strawberries look like when they aren't in a container at the store.

Me with the berries.

Ben with our berries.

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