Monday, October 09, 2006


This past weekend I went to visit Ben. The only problem with visiting Ben is that I have to drive through Cincinnati which is also called "the city where every highway is a parking lot". There are ALWAYS traffic jams in Cincinnati. I got stuck in 3 on my way down on Friday. And it was 3 pm! Rush hour isn't even supposed to start until 4pm. I could actually handle the traffic jams if they were caused by construction, wrecks or broken down cars but they aren't! There is no reason for the traffic jams in Cincinnati. I think the traffic jams on Friday were causes by people stopping to look at the bridges. Or maybe the sky. Or maybe they just stopped because they were driving in Cincinnati and that's what we do! I am just a little frustrated by this.

By anyway, the weekend was great. I had a fun time visiting Ben. We went and picked apples on Saturday and here are some pictures from that:

I think Apple orchards are really pretty.

We only got 4 apples since neither one of eat them that much.

We got some red and green ones. Yum!

It was a good day!

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