Saturday, October 21, 2006

Hi! Will you please talk to me?

I've discovered this week that I am a bigger extrovert than I had thought. I NEED to be around people most of my day. I used to share an office with Stephen but he left last Friday to move to Colorado where he can wear birkenstocks and eat granola with his friends. So now I have my own office and it's killing me. Slowly.

I'm supposed to like having my own office right? Wrong. Most of my day is spent doing paperwork at my computer and it wasn't bad when I could talk to Stephen while doing it, but now I talk to my lamp like a crazy person. I need some distraction to get my work done. It's too quiet now.

The problem with my office is that it is in a cave. You have to walk back into depths of the building to get to it. There is only one other guy who works back there and he prefers working to talking. Lameo. So no one really has any reason to just wander into my office and chat. Now I have to tackle people as they walk back past my office to the color printer and force them to talk to me. Either that or I have wander into their offices to chat. I'm afraid I might become "that person". You know. The one that everyone dreads because they walk right into your office and keep you from getting any work done while they tell you about their cats. That could be me.

If you are looking for a job or a maybe just a desk to hang out at, let me know and you can share my office and perhaps save my career and my social life.

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