Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Lesson on Wedding Planning

Ben and I made an important realization yesterday. The wedding is not about us. Sure, Ben and I are the reason there is a wedding... but most of the stuff that happens on the wedding day is not about us. The ceremony for sure is about our covenant with each other and God. The rehearsal dinner, reception and other details are all about our guests. They are the ones who will be travelling far distances and would like to see us at the rehearsal. They are the ones who will be forced to eat whatever food we choose. They are the ones who have to book and pay for hotel rooms. Ben and I, we just get married.

It was important to realize that most of the planning we are doing for the wedding isn't about us. It was getting easy for me to become bridezilla and Ben to get frustrated by everyone's wishes. But now... who cares! It's not about me or how I think I want the rehearsal or reception to go. I am getting married to my best friend and that's all that matters. If people enjoy the wedding and the work we have put into it, then it's a success. If they don't enjoy it... umm.... I'll be in Hawaii and that for sure is about Ben and I!

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