Monday, April 30, 2007

A new bed, and a healing Ben

Ben is healing. He's healing quite well. The doctor thinks he may get to leave the hospital on Wednesday! That's so great. I am sick of this hospital and I am sure Ben is too.

The other good news is that I am now sleeping on a real bed! Oh the joy of back support! I am staying with a professor of Ben's and his wife. It's like staying in a bed and breakfast. I have a large four-poster bed, a sitting area and my own bathroom. There's a wonderful, godly woman who has breakfast with me and prays for our day. God is so good to provide such a nice place to stay.

We decided to postpone our trip to Hawaii until August. Any suggestions of fun places to stay within an hour of where we are getting married?

Yesterday I was reading through sections from the book of Job. I always thought that it was interesting that God never gave Job a reason for his suffering. All He did was remind Job of who He is, which I think may be the more important thing. Going through rough stuff right now, it's easy to ask why God waited until He did to get Ben the help that he needed. Yesterday I realized that I don't need to know that. All I need to know is who God is. That's enough for even the toughest days.

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