Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was not only Valentine's day, and our eight month anniversary, but it was also the final day of my new hire training at work.

Yes. I know. I started work 3.5 weeks ago. But it's a good thing I got that training on how to enter my time in the time card system TODAY because I was wondering where my paycheck was.

We had training on safety, sexual harassment (prevention of, not how to), and diversity. I love me some diversity training. I love it because at some point someone will always say something politically incorrect and make it all awkward for everyone. Like today our trainer was explaining how there are federal, state and local laws that offer more or less protection for people. She went on to explain, "We follow a local law that protects..... um..... what's the transvestites. Yes. We protect men who dress like women and women who dress like men."

Someone quipped in the background, "shoot, I know what I am wearing tomorrow."

The lady behind me raised her hand and asked, "So if Tom came into work dressed as a women, he'd be protected?"

"Yes. We protect Transsexuals."

"Oh. I didn't know there were laws out there for such people."

Like I said. Awkward.

My favorite part was when we got to break into teams and make a list of our similarities and our differences. I don't think our trainer appreciated our item of "No one in our group owns a giraffe." Yes. We are in Junior High.

One group listed as a difference "ethnicity", which was apparent with the Jordanian and the African-American, but the two white guys seemed pretty similar. The instructor looked at them and asked, "So how are you two different?" They both looked at each other and finally one guy spoke, "Dang-it. We were hoping you wouldn't ask that."

And that was what made my day!

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