Monday, February 18, 2008

A thankful day

Can I just say that I love my new job? Love it. Here are some things that are great about my new place of employment:

- The people are great to work with. Everyone is great at their job, super professional and has a sense of humor. I really enjoy working with them.
- My boss is low drama. He addresses issues and doesn't spend too much time on what he doesn't like about people's personalities.
- The benefits at this job are great! They are paying for me to get professionally certified, there is a gym on-site, and they offered an excellent benefit package.
- The company seems to be an excellent company to work for. Most of the people I work with have been there 15-25 years. I think that that says a lot about the company. I had heard a horror story about someone who was treated really poorly by this company, but the division I work for doesn't seem to operate that way. Hurray!

- The only downside to this job is that it's a 45 min drive to get to work, but we could always move in a year when our lease is up and right now I am enjoying listening to books on CD. Hurray for the library!

God answered my prayers with this job. I am so thankful for His provision. I really thought that I would just have to take any job while Ben was in school. I was ready to work at Starbucks or Barnes and Noble, but God provided a job that is an excellent career move and a great place to work. God is so good.

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