Sunday, May 11, 2008


First off - Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you!

Secondly, I hurt. Yesterday was a beautiful day. So pretty in fact I was lured outside to do some gardening. I haven't planted anything in the ground since elementary school and I swore that I wouldn't start now. But my neighbors have a garden and our half of the duplex was looking dumpy with the grass bed we had going. My plan was to spend 2 hours MAX on the garden. Here's what I started with:

I dug all of that grass up with a trowel. I started thinking that people who buy tillers are wimps, and ended wishing for a tiller or at least a larger shovel.

I planted cosmos in the back and impatiens in the front. Because I am a crazy person I bought 54 impatiens. This was the only flower bed I was going to work on. And it only needed 16 flowers. Like any home project this one ended up taking up the entire day. Notice the length of the shadows in the pictures. So I sucked it up and tackled the other two flower beds.

The next flower bed I worked on was also on the front of the house and was completly covered in grass. You can see that our neighbors are more on top of things than me.

I planted the same things there. There's some other plant that was already growing... I guess I'll figure out what it is when it blooms.

I also worked on the side garden. It seriously needed some work. Also it was filled with rocks so if all my flowers die, it's not my fault.

It looks so much better cleared out and tended. Our place now looks like we care.

Ben also did some yard work yesterday. We recently purchased a reel lawn mower. We tell people that and they just look at us and ask "as opposed to a fake one?" It works pretty well. You get a work out pushing it. Our back yard is mostly weeds and it doesn't cut those so well, but it was cheap and we aren't trying to win any awards for our lawn. Plus it makes Ben's muscles big so I am not complaining.

Today I am incredibly sore form all that work. My butt hurts the most. Do you know how much you use your butt? A LOT! Every movement hurts. I guess it's good that I have a desk job to go to tomorrow, or maybe it's because I have a desk job that I am so sore...

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