Monday, December 12, 2005

Domestic Me

Guys, don't marry girls who haven't lived on their own.

Because chances are, they can't cook.

Tonight I made the most disgusting stir-fry ever. It's a good thing I'm not married, because my husband would have divorced me right then and there. Or thought I was trying to poison him.

I thought vegetable stir-fry seemed like a good meal after my weekend of consuming chicken flesh. As I was cooking the veggies I realized that unless I put some spices on it, they would just taste like cooked veggies on brown rice.

You must know that my spice rack intimidates me. I don't know which spices should be used for which type of foods. I stare at the pretty bottles of spice and realize they are just daring me to use them and ruin my food. At one point I thought about tasting them all to get a better idea of how to use them but then I smelled Thyme and decided that seemed like a bad idea.

I used some spice mixture that seemed like it should make food a little spicy. I think it did. I couldn't taste anything, but my lips burned a lot. I am re-labeling that spice "Tasteless-lip-burning-spice" for future reference. I thought adding cheese would make the stir-fry taste better and it kind of did. I got two more bites out of it before I had to throw it away.

Apparently my mom taught my sister and I how to use spices, because Sarah can use them well. I just didn't retain anything. It's trial and error for me!

Tomorrow I am making tortilla soup. From scratch. Hopefully that turns out.

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