Thursday, December 08, 2005

God, Cars and Cats

My trip this week went much better than the last one. We got nothing but positive comments at our program review, which was great. The highlight of the trip was the flight down and back where I got to talk to one of my coworkers about God. Good conversations too. I had been praying for this opportunity for a while now. He's going to come check out my church and is willing to listen to my thoughts on God. The whole trip was worth it for those two conversations.

In other news my car is dying. I think the cold is just zapping its will to go on. For the last couple of days the drivers side doors hasn't been latching properly. This means that I get to gracefully climb through the passenger side door, over the parking brake and gear shift and into the driver's seat. Today on the way home, I think my car had a heart attack, but some gentle yelling and banging my head on the steering wheel brought it back. I guess an inch of snow is just too much for my little 626 to take anymore. I had accidentally pulled up behind a car that had broken down at an intersection. Apparently my car thought that seemed like a good idea as well and promptly died. It eventually started, but I think I may need to push up the time frame for getting a new car. May seems like such a long time for my car to hang on. I want to get a Jetta. Silver. Manual. If you know of a good deal on a Jetta, let me know.

My cats love the real tree I got them. They love to chew on the ornaments. They love to run and leap into the branches. They love to jump from the couch into it. They love to climb it. I am glad I got them such a fun toy and spent time putting all those toys on its branches.

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