Saturday, December 03, 2005

Travel and a Tree

Sorry about the lag in posting. I was in Orlando earlier this week for work. It was probably the worst trip I have ever taken. Every little thing that could go wrong did. Except for my hotel room; everything was very nice in my room. Last week a coworker traveled to Dallas and they gave him a key to someone else's room. He definitely walked in on someone while they were sleeping. Talk about frustrating.

Today my family and I are getting the Christmas tree. Should be a fun time. Some years it takes us FOREVER to agree on a tree. Other years we pick one out really quickly. I need to get a tree for my apartment. I haven't decided if I want a real tree or a fake tree. I've never had indoor cats around Christmas time so I'm not sure what they would do. I think I would rather have a real tree - but just a small one. My cats have been acting like I feed them crack, so maybe a real tree isn't the best option.

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